What should we be eating?


Seriously – what is up with the whole diet/nutrition industry? Does anybody know for sure what we should be eating? Because to me it seems like every week someone else stands up and says eating this or that is healthy, or unhealthy, or will help us lose weight, and then the week after someone else tears down their arguments and says they are right!

Like with diets, ok we all need to lose a little weight right? Well how come after all these years and all the billions of dollars of research that has gone into this industry, how come there is not just one perfect diet which works?

Surely by now they have figured out how we work and can then tell us what to eat and what not to eat so we can get on with living and not hiding under the bed from the scary white bread and potato monsters! Yet how boring would it be if there was just ONE diet to follow, although even if there was then in a year 50 people would have launched copies of it saying they have tweaked it to make it better or just said exactly the same thing but in a slightly different way and slapped a fancy title on it!

I mean you have incredibly popular diets like Fat Burning Furnace, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle and Fat Loss 4 Idiots which must sell millions of dollars worth of their diet info every year – but which one is best?

Yet even if we did find the one true diet that worked for everyone (and we may already have it somewhere buried in that pile of books already out there) then would that satisfy people? I mean if there was one perfect diet and you didn’t follow it properly and still pigged out on stuff – then who could you blame and where could you go from there? At least with all these books then people can look like they are making an effort, then when they crash off another diet they can blame the diet and move onto another one, it helps to soothe the soul that you are making an effort and it isn’t your fault…and they are safer than buying online weight medications from unknown sources such as Xenical without prescriptions.

I think there are a number of reasons we’re all getting fatter, blame should rest on our shoulders first for not being strong willed enough to give up those cakes and goodies for longer than about a week, yet we also have to blame the food manufacturers and the supermarkets who give us an endless supply of cheap and accessible sugary goodness to tempt us all the time! Then there are the so-called experts who confuse the heck out of us with all their ‘studies’ which reveal that this is bad for you, no wait good for you, no bad, or was it good? I get so confused trying to keep up with all that my head hurts and I have to have a coffee and some cake…

I think it all really comes down to eating less processed food and sugary food, and eating more of the natural foods our ancestors thousands of years ago grew up on, meat, vegetables and fruits – if we could all give that a try then I bet we’d be a lot healthier as a result.